Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat

German Empire. Etc. They are operating out of German Tsingtau and are an important factor to secure Germany's economic dominance in China. Not all of these colonies and possessions are directly administered. In the 1680s, the Margraviate of Brandenburg, then leading the broader realm of Brandenburg-Prussia, pursued limited imperial efforts in West Africa. This is a list of former German Empire colonies and protectorates (German: Schutzgebiete), the German colonial empire. The public was informed that German colonies were a threat because "Every German colony has a powerful wireless station — they will talk to one another across the seas, and at every opportunity they [German ships] will dash from cover to harry and destroy our commerce, and maybe, to raid our coasts."

Smuts' warnings were repeated in the press. No. German Empire. The entries are formulated on the micro model and so provide summary information about all known issuers. Dernburg, as a former banker, facilitated such thinking; he saw his commission to also turn the colonies into paying propositions. The German West African Company, in German Deutsch-Westafrikanische Gesellschaft / Compagnie, was a German chartered company, founded in 1885. The German stat… For indigenous populations in some colonies native agricultural holdings were encouraged and supported. It consists of the German core colony of South West Africa, which has very few resources, but has become a very popular destination for German settlers in the last years, and the former British Protectorates of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland, which are also quite undeveloped. Under Nazi leadership, made some attempts to hold on to its colonies and overseas provinces after the 1960 loss of the Congo, begining the German Colonial War in Africa which lasted until 1974. The German effort included the first commercial enterprises in the 1850s and 1860s in West Africa, East Africa, the Samoan Islands and the unexplored north-east quarter of New Guinea with adjacent islands. 1998. He reluctantly acquiesced to pleas for help to deal with revolts and armed hostilities by often powerful rulers whose lucrative slaving activities seemed at risk. German East Africa consists of German Petersland, the German core colony in Eastern Africa which was already established in 1885, as well as the former British colonies of Kenya and Uganda, which are militarily occupied by Germany since 1925 "for an indefinite period of time". Short-lived attempts of colonizaton by individual German states had occurred in preceding centuries, but crucial colonial efforts only began in 1884 with the Scramble for Africa.
Germany's history in the twentieth century resulted in reflection on the colonial experience receiving less attention than it has had in other former colonial powers. However, in 1884 he consented to the acquisition of colonies by the German Empire, in order to protect trade, to safeguard raw materials and export markets and to take opportunities for capital investment, among other reasons. These trading houses conducted themselves as successful Privatkolonisatoren [independent colonizers] and concluded treaties and land purchases in Africa and the Pacific with chiefs or other tribal leaders. Because Germany was so late to join the race for colonial territories, most of the world had already been carved up by the other European powers; in some regions the trend was already towards decolonization, especially in the continental Americas, encouraged by the American Revolution, French Revolution, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Germany preferred to keep the number of "literate natives small" and indeed did not embark on the same type of Frenchification or Anglicization project that characterized French and British imperialism. In Africa, the border of German Kamerun was adjusted at the expense of French Equatorial Africa to the Ubangi River. Vous pouvez définir vos préférences en matière de cookies en utilisant les boutons ci-dessous.

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