cross road blues robert johnson genre

cross road blues robert johnson genre

Several scholars characterize the development of blues music in the early 1900s as a move from group performance to individualized performance. Z. Hill's Down Home Blues (1982) and Little Milton's The Blues is Alright (1984). It is associated with the newly acquired freedom of the former slaves. The thing about Robert Johnson was that he only existed on his records. 14. The blues researcher Mack McCormick began researching his family background in 1972, but died in 2015 without ever publishing his findings. [104], By the beginning of the 1960s, genres influenced by African American music such as rock and roll and soul were part of mainstream popular music. Blues Masters, Vol. Chicago blues also influenced Louisiana's zydeco music,[95] with Clifton Chenier[96] using blues accents. New … Memphis Minnie was famous for her virtuoso guitar style. [19] House was interviewed at a time when the legend of Johnson's pact with the devil was well known among blues researchers. His songs, originally distributed only in Europe,[109] commented on political issues such as racism or Vietnam War issues, which was unusual for this period. Dorsey helped to popularize Gospel music. I said, backwater rising, Southern peoples can't make no time Call-and-response shouts were an early form of blues-like music; they were a "functional expression ... style without accompaniment or harmony and unbounded by the formality of any particular musical structure". Shines, Edwards and Robert Lockwood contribute interviews. One of Robert Johnson’s masterpieces, and one of his most popular songs with other performers, “Cross Road Blues” is a staggering display of poetry with quite masterly guitar playing; indeed, it is the song that contributed to much of the myth of Robert Johnson. King introduced a sophisticated style of guitar soloing based on fluid string bending and shimmering vibrato that influenced many later electric blues guitarists. Some labels are famous for rediscovering and remastering blues rarities, including Arhoolie Records, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (heir of Folkways Records), and Yazoo Records (Shanachie Records).[118]. They jumped all over the place in range and subject matter, short punchy verses that resulted in some panoramic story-fires of mankind blasting off the surface of this spinning piece of plastic. Blues became a code word for a record designed to sell to black listeners. In the 1950s, blues had a huge influence on mainstream American popular music. Louis. The writer Ed Morales claimed that Yoruba mythology played a part in early blues, citing Robert Johnson 's " Cross Road Blues " as a "thinly veiled reference to Eleggua, the orisha in charge of the crossroads". The exact location of Johnson's grave is officially unknown; three different markers have been erected at possible sites in church cemeteries outside Greenwood. [20], From 1932 until his death in 1938, Johnson moved frequently between the cities of Memphis and Helena, and the smaller towns of the Mississippi Delta and neighboring regions of Mississippi and Arkansas. [72], The musicologist Alan Lomax dismissed the myth, stating, "In fact, every blues fiddler, banjo picker, harp blower, piano strummer and guitar framer was, in the opinion of both himself and his peers, a child of the Devil, a consequence of the black view of the European dance embrace as sinful in the extreme". [43] In contrast to most Delta players, Johnson had absorbed the idea of fitting a composed song into the three minutes of a 78-rpm side. (last admission at 4:30pm), ADMISSIONMembers : Free Join Now! The Complete Recordings, a two-disc set, released on August 28, 1990, contains almost everything Johnson recorded, with all 29 recordings, and 12 alternate takes. This was "a common way of poisoning people in the rural South", but was rarely fatal. Dick Waterman and the blues festivals he organized in Europe played a major role in propagating blues music abroad. Early country bluesmen such as Skip James, Charley Patton, Georgia Tom Dorsey played country and urban blues and had influences from spiritual singing. However, 30 years of local legend and oral tradition had, like the rest of his life story, built a legend which has filled in gaps in the scant historical record. He estimated Johnson was maybe a year older than himself (Johnson was actually 4 years older). Lyrical themes that frequently appeared in prewar blues, such as economic depression, farming, devils, gambling, magic, floods and drought, were less common in postwar blues.[18]. Recorded November 27, 1936, San Antonio, Texas. It’s a Total Hoax". His education and urban context placed him apart from most of his contemporary blues musicians. Johnson has had enormous impact on music and musicians, but outside his own time and place and even the genre for which he was famous. This song features a "_____" of the standard twelve-bar blues pattern. Charles Dodds had been forced by a lynch mob to leave Hazlehurst following a dispute with white landowners. As well festivals such as the Newport Folk Festival[108] brought traditional blues to a new audience, which helped to revive interest in prewar acoustic blues and performers such as Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James, and Reverend Gary Davis. [59] Son House once told the story to Pete Welding as an explanation of Johnson's astonishingly rapid mastery of the guitar. In contrast to the Chicago style, King's band used strong brass support from a saxophone, trumpet, and trombone, instead of using slide guitar or harp. [45], According to Lawrence Levine, "there was a direct relationship between the national ideological emphasis upon the individual, the popularity of Booker T. Washington's teachings, and the rise of the blues." [118], The Radiolab podcast "Crossroads", broadcast initially April 16, 2012, on NPR, raises the possibility that more than one Robert Johnson was traveling around the region making music at the time of the subject's life — perhaps confusing related biographical information.

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