grindhouse genre

grindhouse genre

The story, although calling it that might be a bit of a stretch, follows a woman who is attacked and raped by a group of men. This particular style of Italian produced murder mystery thriller/horror film usually blends the atmosphere and suspense of thriller fiction with elements of horror fiction (such as slasher violence) and eroticism (similar to the French fantastique genre), and often involves a mysterious killer whose identity is not revealed until the final act of the film. Critical opinions varied regarding typical grindhouse fare, but many films acquired cult following and critical praise. The "fun" comes in when she gets her revenge and subsequently "cuts, chops, breaks and burns them all beyond recognition" -- this exquisite language actually appears on the film's poster. In the movie context, for Italian audiences giallo has come to refer to any kind of murder mystery or horror thriller, regardless of its origin. Though the number of independent cinemas has declined in recent decades, many exploitation films still are released as straight-to-DVD and straight-to-VOD/online streaming, particularly creature features, martial arts films, and internationally produced horror films. On the other hand, cult films like Night of the Living Dead (1968) and The Evil Dead (1981) became popular for being great films that didn’t receive the recognition they deserved when they were originally released. A grindhouse or action house[1] is an American term for a theatre that mainly shows low-budget horror, splatter and exploitation films for adults. Even if his identity is known, as in the case of Halloween's Michael Myers, he still tends to mask his face. Art house is a film genre which encompasses films where the content and style (often artistic or experimental) adhere with as little compromise as possible to the filmmakers personal artistic vision. The murders are invariably violent and gory, featuring a variety of explicit and imaginative attacks. G rindhouse is an American term for a cinema that mainly shows exploitation films. In 1996, director Michele Soavi wrote, "there's no doubt that it was Mario Bava who started the 'spaghetti thrillers', but Argento gave them a great boost, a turning point, a new style. The popularity of exploitation films increased in the 1950s. The Syfy TV show Blood Drive takes inspiration from grindhouse, with each episode featuring a different theme. Exploitation films are generally low-quality "B movies". Among film enthusiasts being “in the know” about rare and little known films, has become a badge of pride in itself. Kill! By the late 80s, the slasher concept had worn thin, with fewer and fewer films succeeding at the box office. Films like Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Shaft (1971) have received critical acclaim and have been selected for preservation in the American National Film Registry. In the Italian language, giallo is a broad term that can be translated as "crime novel" including any literary genre involving crime and mystery, with all its subgenres such as crime fiction, detective story, murder mystery or thriller and horror.

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