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halo 3

[109][110][111] The Visual Effects Society awarded Bungie the "Best Real Time Visuals in a Video Game" for Halo 3. [85] The map pack was released over the Xbox Live Marketplace on April 9, 2009. Though they are successful, the unexpected shutdown triggers a fail-safe protocol, priming all the rings for firing from one location, referred to as the Ark. Ein Gegenstand, der den Konflikt mit der Allianz zu Gunsten der Menschen entscheiden könnte. New Mombasa sieht zum Beispiel mit 60 FPS (oder mehr) und 4K UHD Unterstützung besser aus als je zuvor. The game was released in September 2007. Thank you! Truth captures Johnson, as he needs a human to use Forerunner technology. Vielen Dank! [67], In the U.S., Halo 3 sold 3.3 million copies in its first 12 days on sale,[68] increasing to 3.7 million copies by November 15, 2007. Halo 3 für Halo: The Master Chief Collection erscheint als deren nächster Teil für PC. [83] A remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved map "Chill Out", titled "Cold Storage", was released as a free download on "Bungie Day", July 7, 2008. During development, the game was divided into single player and multiplayer builds; this made debugging and testing the much smaller multiplayer files quicker. [63] An Xbox One-native version of the game, presenting the graphics at 1080p and 60 frames per second, was included as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One in 2014. Melden Sie sich an, um diesem Produkt Ihre eigenen Tags hinzuzufügen. [88] The next update (called a Title Update) was released September 23, 2008, and includes new Achievements, a new XP ranking system, and various new ways to detect and stop cheating in the game. Only one piece of equipment can be carried at a time. Available to United States residents. [34] Separate recordings were made for nearby and distant gunfire to make for a more believable sound experience in the public beta,[40] and the finished game uses Waves Audio plugins to modify dialog and other audio in-game depending on conditions.

[54] Retail copies of the game, complete with photographs of the open game box, started to appear on the internet auction site eBay weeks before release,[55] followed by UK catalog retailer Argos accidentally releasing some of their copies a week early. The developers have likened it to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. [58] Some of the Limited Edition versions of Halo 3 were found to have a defect in the hub that kept the discs in place, which could lead to scratched discs. [3][30], Halo 3 utilizes a proprietary, in-house graphics engine. The map pack includes the three new maps from Halo 3: ODST: "Citadel", "Longshore", and a remake of Halo 2 map "Midship", titled "Heretic". Players must actively seek out other players through their Xbox Live Friends list, using the party invite system, or the LAN search feature to play multiplayer matches with their own custom rules and customized maps. Ihr Gerät muss alle Mindestanforderungen erfüllen, um dieses Produkt öffnen zu können. The final Halo 3 multiplayer maps – Heretic, Citadel, and Longshore – make their long awaited standalone debut. [13] Hidden skulls found on each level cause changes to the gameplay when enabled, such as giving the enemies extra health, changing in-game dialogue, or modifying AI behavior.

Auf alle Dateien, Peripheriegeräte, Apps und Programme und die Registrierung zugreifen. Forge enables players to insert and remove game objects, such as weapons, crates and vehicles into existing multiplayer maps. Halo 3 ist ein First-Person-Shooter, welcher von Bungie Studios entwickelt wurde und für die Xbox 360 Konsole erschien. The balance of weapons and objects in the game was adjusted to better adhere to the "Golden Triangle of Halo": these are weapons, grenades, and melee attacks, which are available to a player in most situations. Halo 3 für Halo: The Master Chief Collection erscheint als deren nächster Teil für PC und bringt die originale Halo-Trilogie zu ihrem sagenhaften Abschluss. The New York Times' Charles Herold said the game had a "throwaway" plot and Total Video Games judged the single-player aspect ultimately disappointing. Overall, the game was very well received by critics, with the Forge and multiplayer offerings singled out as strong features; however, some reviewers criticized single-player aspects, especially the plot and campaign layout. [80] The first three post-release multiplayer maps, "Standoff", "Rat's Nest", and "Foundry", were released as a pack on December 11, 2007, collectively known as the "Heroic Map Pack". It's the sequel to the Xbox 1 game that made more money in a day than blockbuster movies make in a weekend. Bleiben Sie bezüglich der aktuellen Sonderangebote, Produkte, Veranstaltungen und mehr von Microsoft Store auf dem Laufenden. For example, the music for the announcement trailer was recorded with a 60-piece orchestra and a 24-piece choir. [96][102], Other complaints focused on the artificial intelligence; critics praised the enemy AI but complained that the intelligence of the player's allies was far poorer. © 2019 Microsoft Corporation. Keyes is killed attempting a rescue, and Johnson is forced to activate the rings. The Standard Edition contains the game disc, manual, and a small poster with the game's control-map and artwork. • Kampagne: Erleben Sie das nächste Kapitel der Halo-Saga und kämpfen Sie sich durch 11 unvergessliche Missionen. With Grand Theft Auto going multiplatform and Sony pumping the brakes on Gran Turismo, Halo 3 is unquestionably 2007's biggest exclusive gun. HaloWaypoint.com ist die offizielle Website des Halo-Universums und stellt Ihnen immer die neuesten Medien und Informationen über Halo-Spiele sowie Neuigkeiten von 343 Industries zur Verfügung. Players can see distances of up to ten miles (16 km) away, all fully three-dimensional. Die Master Chief Collection für PC ist mit neuen Funktionen, Optimierungen und benutzerdefinierten Anpassungen ausgestattet, die alle Vorteile des PCs nutzen. [3][105], Most publications agreed that multiplayer was by far one of the best features; IGN said that the multiplayer map lineup was the strongest of the series,[3] and GameSpy added that "each [multiplayer] map is extremely well-tuned". Now optimized for PC, witness the Master Chief’s return to finish the fight between the Covenant, the Flood, and the entire Human race in this dramatic, pulse-pounding conclusion of the original Halo trilogy. The epic saga continues with Halo 3, the hugely anticipated third chapter in the highly successful and critically acclaimed Halo franchise created by Bungie. Melden Sie sich an, um zu erfahren, warum Sie dies mögen könnten, basierend auf Ihren Spielen, Freunden und Kuratoren, denen Sie folgen. To date, Halo 3 has sold in excess of 14.5 million copies. Enthält 7 Artikel: Register for free and compete for cash prizes every Friday starting September 25th! [2] In addition to weapons, the game contains a new class of gear called equipment;[3] these items have various effects, ranging from defensive screens to shield regeneration and flares. [113] Halo 3 also took the award for Xbox 360 Game of the Year 2007 from GameTrailers, and was voted by fans as Game of the Year on G-Phoria. Kampagne: Erleben Sie das nächste Kapitel der Halo-Saga und kämpfen Sie sich durch 11 unvergessliche Missionen. [4] Players are awarded gamerscore points for unlocking Achievements by reaching a certain score in each level. [41] Distant gunfire sounds, which may first seem like pre-recorded ambient sound, may often be the result of an actual firefight happening elsewhere in the game. Vielen Dank für Ihre Meldung. [65] The game was preordered by more than one million people in North America. [11] Halo 3 offers a form of file sharing, where items such as saved films, screenshots, and custom variants can all be uploaded to Bungie's official website. [48] Beginning in June 2007, an alternate reality game called Iris involved players in slowly revealing background information for the game. [24], In comparison with Halo 2's tight-lipped development, Bungie was more transparent about the process for Halo 3. Der Entwickler beschreibt die Inhalte wie folgt: Diese Zusatzinhalte enthalten möglicherweise Inhalte, die nicht für alle Altersklassen oder zum Ansehen am Arbeitsplatz geeignet sind: Allgemeine nicht jugendfreie Inhalte. Dieses Produkt benötigt zum Spielen die Steam-Version des Hauptspiels Halo: The Master Chief Collection. • Multiplayer: Setzen Sie Ihr Abenteuer in Halo auf 24 Multiplayer-Karten aus dem kultigen Halo 3 mit einem gänzlich aktualisierten Fortschrittssystem in Halo: The Master Chief Collection fort. Halo 3 will pick up where Halo 2 left off. Master Chief returns to finish the fight, bringing the epic conflict between the Covenant, the Flood, and the entire human race to a dramatic, pulse-pounding climax. Unser Team prüft, ob Ihre Bedenken berechtigt sind und wird ggf.

Setzt 64-Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus. [89] No further Halo 3 updates were planned.

Halo 3 is a 2007 first-person shooter game developed by Bungie for the Xbox 360 console.

Während es um das Schicksal der gesamten Galaxie geht, entdeckt der Master Chief im Sande Afrikas ein uraltes verstecktes Geheimnis, dass den Schlüssel zur Rettung oder Vernichtung der Menschheit darstellen könnte.

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