i know who killed me review

i know who killed me review

Which Stephen King Movie Are You Trapped In? Not only will she not win a small golden statue for her role as Aubrey and Dakota in I Know Who Killed Me, Academy voters will be gleefully sending copies of the film to their Razzie Award neighbors, hoping they’ll pick it as one of the worst films of the year. There is one positive thing I have to say: this would be a great midnight audience participation flick. The real question is this: is any of it true? The movie starts by introducing us to Aubrey Fleming (Lohan, “Mean Girls”). Fantasia 2020: PopHorror’s Top 5 Anticipated Films! Confusing, and absolutely painful to watch, Best Psychological Thriller/Horror Movies. It's going to be slaughtered by the press.

It was enough to make me feel sorry for her, but not nearly enough to push me to the point of abject sorrow. The movie will make you wonder: where has talent in Hollywood gone? I must say that I’m impressed (and equally frightened) with how much attention you’ve given to this movie!

Everything single aspect of it is pitiful. But that means nothing when she’s been kidnapped by a brutal, ruthless killer.

I Know Who Killed Me promised to be a suspenseful thriller with a surprise ending, yet aside from a few gut wrenching minutes there was no thrill, no suspense, no surprise. SPOILER ALERT! General Disdain.

She had so much garish makeup on she looked like she was playing Kabuki. Even though i got it on the first try this Is a film u should see twice. Okay, I get it already, blue is significant! Good because it keeps us guessing right up until the end, and believe me, Horror Queen prides herself on being able to figure out “whodunits” within the first fifteen minutes. The murder of the father was merely implied, and the entire movie lacked all major detail. Lindsey Lohan’s career is OVER. Movie Review: I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007), Movie Review: Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020), Movie Review: The Possession of Michael King (2014), Movie Review: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019).
If that isn’t enough to convince you to give it a watch, then the suspense and gore should get your heart racing. I like so many other unsuspecting fools thought even with the bad reviews and cheesy look of the film (not to mention the fact that it's main star was Lindsay lohan) that this movie just might be a good thriller in the vein of Hitchcock Jesus I can't believe how wrong I was, the only person more wrong then me was the guy I watched it with.

i thought that this movie would be amazing, exciting, interesting... but, watching it... OMG!

Lohan's acting is not wonderful in this film, not to mention the plot is horrendous. Also, I've never seen such a general consensus of "WOW, what were they thinking?" Quite possibly the worst film I think I've ever seen.

at the end of a movie. 10 Horror Movie Soundtracks That Stand The Test of Time, Family Friendly Freakouts! The flashbacks to the dances were bad, the initial kidnapping was not played out well at all,considering she was in a very crowded place one minute and all of a sudden gone. Lindsay's acting was as average as her acting normally is, but what really gave me a headache, and left me just as confused as when I started watching it was the complicated and complex plot. I should have guessed when the cashier gave me a funny look while getting my ticket. Awards Beyond the huge plot hole near the end into which I fell headlong, wondering if maybe the projectionist had forgotten a reel of film, the section that was … March 12, 2008 @ 3:29 am Even Perez Hilton said so. what is this movie trying to sell? I Know Who Killed Me tells the story of wholesome small town girl Aubrey Fleming (Lohan) who is abducted by a sadistic serial killer (Thomas Tofel). I can't even rate this schlock. I was scratching and shaking my head so much that dandruff flakes filled my lap (and I don’t even have dandruff!). There are holes in the plot that an M1A1 Abrams battle tank could drive through. Her opinion and mine seemed to carry through to the whole audience in the advance screening we went to last night.

Some of the things that bring a smile to my face are (in no particular order): Teenage back acne, the rain on my face, long walks on the beach and redneck women named Francis.

I Know Who Killed Me (2007)- Retro Review, Screamfest 2020 Review: ‘A Ghost Waits’ A Perfect Romantic Comedy.
I Know Who Killed Me is a horror movie hidden gem. I went into the theater with absolutely no idea what it would be about and with no preconceived notions. Even "Georgia Rules," with all its imperfections, had value to me. Skip It. The only good thing about this movie is that LL is a good actress.

Tagged: dancer, disappearance, investigation, memory, murder. I started to feel insulted after a while. For those guys out there who fantasize about Lindsay Lohan, this movie (or at least sections of it) is for you.

Certain to drive a stake even further into her career that's now seemingly on life support at best, "I Know Who Killed Me" is one of those awful films that should and would have gone straight to video if not for its high profile star.

I made the unfortunate mistake to see this movie last weekend. Please read this review, it is the truth.! thank you. This movie takes HUGE leaps of logic; I understand that there must be some suspension of disbelief, but it was too disjunctured. Yes, I said it possessed intelligence… and it did.

She actually believes she is someone named Dakota Moss, a cigarette smoking, sexed up stripper who has no idea who Aubrey is. Really disapointing. I also enjoyed watching our little vixen prance around in a nudey bar but was dismayed that she remained clothed, even though all the other girls in the bar were topless. I Know Who Killed Me is a horror movie hidden gem. I can't believe this movie ever made it on to the big screen. . It was respectable writing to make Dakota Moss so bold, especially with the language, but it just wasn't enough.

She has memories of a horrible childhood and a whole life behind her that says that she is Dakota. Not even Ms Lohan's performance did the trick on this pappy-show!! There are also so many instances of overacting I was expecting William Shatner to jump out and perform a song and dance. In an absolutely moronic plot, Lindsay Lohan plays a girl who gets kidnapped, found years later, and wakes up missing an appendage (and a brain apparently) and thinks she is somebody else. Where do I start with this movie? So I just went to go see an advance screening of this movie and I don't know why the studio would do such a thing-- the audience was constantly laughing and this is no comedy. Aubreay was a virgin so she lost her virginity to her BF in her mind, she thought it was her piano teacher because one of her brains last memories was when the piano teacher said, watch my hand. Other than that, the plot is laughable and the film is just a total bust in general.

I think what bothered me the most (besides the bad acting, writing, plot, etc) was the ending. © Copyright 2016-Present, PopHorror.com The plot, the script, the direction, the acting. There are still scenes that I just don't understand, like the listing and showing of some girl named Fiona with the other missing girls, the difficult to discern jumps through the timeline, and all the red herring, including the lawn boy, the "cuts happen" guy, the police psychiatrist, and the "I keep forgetting to plug it in" leg problem. A Jamil Ventures partnership. Unfortunately, I can’t go in-depth into these inconsistencies (otherwise I’d give the ending away), but know that for the story to work everyone in the state would have to be complete morons. This is a pathetic attempt at an art film, and what is perhaps even more pathetic than the film's overall effect, is that Lindsay Lohan actually thought she'd win an Oscar for this film.

The dialogue is insultingly bad. External Reviews It rates as a 2 out of 10. If Lindsay Lohan's antics this week don't spell personal and professional suicide, then this film certainly will.

Scary shit. Also, how does the lady cop get everything right all the time?? its a good movie as long as u keep an open mind!! I watched "I Know Who Killed Me" on DVD only because I think Lindsey Lohan is a knockout and a pretty good actress. But thats about it. This movie revolved around a chance to showcase Lindsay Lohan as a sex symbol without her nudity (much like The New Guy did with Eliza Dushku, but without the entertaining plot line). While the movie may have wanted to leave the viewer thinking that maybe she really was telling the truth, there were way too many lose ends. Lindsey Lohan's appearance and acting were both awful. I'm not sure if there was supposed to be some sort of imagery or artfulness in the film with a lot of blue, because it turned out really obvious and lame. Plus, they practically marked the killer with a gigantic blue ring! There's so much potential there!!

Hire a different actress if that’s the case. Check out I Know Who Killed Me critics reviews. After being missing for a while, she turns up alive but acting like a completely different person.

It was unfairly placed in the number one spot of Siskel and Ebert’s “Worst of 2007” list. I mean every scene contained something that was this unnaturally bright blue.

Look, I have a strong stomach, but I have no use for Torture Porn in my entertainment. In fact, it is absolutely bonkers but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a suspenseful, entertaining, and great thrill-fest that did not get a chance to shine as it should have. Im not joking, we sat and laughed through the film and couldn't believe someone had made this film with the intention to make money, i honestly felt sick after watching the film, i am not even going to describe any scenes/plots i didn't like because i would just give you the film. Its like a bad episode of CSI. February 13, 2008 @ 11:51 pm Which would at least give this film ONE purpose.

The cut scenes made no sense, the killer really had no motive, and her visions were worse than Miss Cleo's. She’s been accepted to Yale. Sure, the plot of I Know Who Killed Me is a little wonky.

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Total crap.

Two, it stars Lindsay Lohan and she plays an exotic dancer.

Even "Georgia Rules," with all its imperfections, had value to me. She’s a high school girl with oodles of promise. In short, this film is an insult to the movie-going public, and I hope the studio has to eat all costs associated with it. Photoshop.

FAQ And I like terrible movies. Satirical Suburbia Survival Thriller ‘Red Letter Day’ Unleashes Killer Blu-Ray Details.

first, the plot is rather confusing. I left the theater feeling confused and thankful that I hadn't actually paid to see it.

The audience was laughing at the horrible acting, terrible script and crap camera work. I just wonder if this movie looked better on paper than it was portrayed on film.

Critics tore it apart based on their feelings for what was going on with Lindsay Lohan in real life, instead of judging it by its substance. sorry that my English is bad. i have to comment some more since it does not have enough lines? Neal McDonough (“The Hitcher”) who plays her father Daniel is equally off kilter.

While it tries to be a movie that keeps you guessing, I figured it out in about the first 20 minutes. Unnerving enough that it made my skin crawl (Eli Roth take notes — your next “Hostel” needs to be this graphic). I am also a sucker for LiLo (Lindsay Lohan). What was the point of having them in the movie in the first place? I watched "I Know Who Killed Me" on DVD only because I think Lindsey Lohan is a knockout and a pretty good actress. He’s not what I would call an elite actor, but he doesn’t even come across as a grieving father.

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