lol meaning in whatsapp

lol meaning in whatsapp

please help me start whatsapp? "Was I a little creepy?" Suele usarse para informar al remitente que te ha hecho gracia lo que te ha mandado o bien para dejar claro que lo que mandas es algo gracioso. Msg – Message. . LOL is a staple of online conversation culture. As soon as possible o tan pronto como sea posible. The Meaning of Lol. Lol is not a word you’d want to use in formal communication, and there are no hard rules about how to capitalize it in informal communication. Un uso menos extendido es verlo como una persona con los brazos hacia arriba. Read More », Computer architecture provides an introduction to system design basics for most computer science students. i want to using in mobile phone. I have nokia 7610.that does not support whatsapp.and i wana chat with some one on whatsapp.can i chat whith whatsapp user throug nimbuzz? I lol’ed so hard watching Louis C.K.’s stand up I almost wet myself. Whether it is in the Whatsapp chatting, online chatting, social networking sites or anywhere else, these words are just everywhere. Algo más explícito y coloquial pero que significa lo mismo es LMAO. La tecnología se mueve deprisa y las empresas tratan de seguir su estela. SEC- second Te pregunten lo que te pregunten vas a dar una explicación que, cerca del ridículo, te puede hacer pasar un mal rato si de verdad hay alguien que sabe la respuesta. MMS – Multimedia message service. Other acronyms that denote laughter include ROFL ("rolling on the floor laughing") and ROFLMAO ("rolling on floor, laughing my a** off). © 2020 Chattricks.Net All Rights Reserved. ¿Qué significa LOL?. ATM – At the moment Fortunately, easy mix-ups like that one are avoidable. Even though it’s lost some of its shine (and meaning) over the years, lol is still a very common slang term that has transcended the boundaries of electronic communication. Es un acrónimo de laughing out loud, es decir riendo a carcajadas o muerto de risa. In such a case you will not be able to use the word LOL because they might take it in the wrong way. If you don’t then you have come to the right place. LOL! basically it is always use when on a group chat n whatsapp and there seems to be no moderator. i alr. Es un acrónimo de laughing out loud, es decir riendo a carcajadas o muerto de risa. Can You Truly Focus When Current Events Distract You? So, let us get on with the explanation. Both are acceptable. There is no doubt that LOL is one of the most common words which are used by people everywhere and now that you know the meaning of the word, you will be able to use this in the conversations that you have with people as well. Meaning of each colour heart in whatsapp? Lol means in whatsapp. if i start my whatsapp it always appear a statment :error starting whatsapp: module `wha. To save you time and effort, below is a list of abbreviations used in WhatsApp chat; Simply refer to this list anytime you find yourself uncertain.

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