norwegian wood lyrics

norwegian wood lyrics

Producer. [61], According to author Jonathan Gould, the impact of "Norwegian Wood" "transformed" Ravi Shankar's career, and the Indian sitarist later wrote of first being aware of a "great sitar explosion" in popular music during the spring of 1966, when he was performing a series of concerts in the UK. [4], The song's lyrics are about an extramarital affair that John Lennon was involved in, as hinted in the opening couplet: "I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me." [13], Between 5 and 6 April 1965, while filming the second Beatles film, Help!, at Twickenham Film Studios, George Harrison first encountered a sitar, the Indian string instrument that would be a prominent feature in "Norwegian Wood". Therefore, the sitar is an accompaniment, consequently affecting the droning sound evident in past takes. [38] Harrison's sitar playing is still at the forefront, alongside heavy drumbeats. [55], Although droning guitars had been used previously to mimic the qualities of the sitar, "Norwegian Wood" is generally credited as sparking a musical craze for the sound of the novel instrument in the mid-1960s. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) chords The Beatles 1965 (Rubber Soul) Capo II D C G D then Individual notes for Sitar effect: e|-----|from capo B|----- George Harrison, Lennon-McCartney, Richard Starkey. [35] By the third take, the song was called "Norwegian Wood", and the group changed the key from D major to E major. She asked me to stay And she told me to sit anywhere So I looked around And I noticed there wasn't a chair. "It's time for bed", She told me she worked And crawled off to sleep in the bath. George's sitar was a well-placed act of fusion and the song was full of Lennon wit. [53], In his book on the Rubber Soul era, subtitled The Enduring Beauty of Rubber Soul, John Kruth refers to "Norwegian Wood" as a "striking from the first listen" kind of tune that "transported Beatles fans north to the pristine forests of Scandinavia". She showed me her room [40] In all, the rhythm section accommodates the acoustics, and the band thought the musical style was an improvement over earlier run-throughs. Though the group completely reshaped "Norwegian Wood", it was far from the album version. Influenced by the introspective lyrics of Bob Dylan, the song is considered a milestone in the Beatles' development as songwriters. "Norwegian Wood " is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1965 album Rubber Soul. Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. I can imagine someone, maybe the Beatles, talking about pot at some point early on, and seeing the word “marijuana” for the first time, never heard of it and trying to pronounce it: “muh-ree-joo-what? [71], The song has been covered by numerous artists, including Waylon Jennings, Tangerine Dream, Hank Williams Jr, Cornershop, Rahul Dev Burman, Buddy Rich, and P.M. [24] Once back in London, Harrison followed Crosby's suggestion by seeking out Shankar's recordings,[25][26] and he also purchased a cheap sitar, from the Indiacraft store on Oxford Street. John Lennon said of this song in an interview with David Sheff. The band were unsatisfied with the recording, however, and decided to return to the song later in the sessions. Lennon knew people who were using it in their homes and thought it would make a good title. Or should I say she once had me [54] Music critic Kenneth Womack admires how the song "reinterprets a familiar theme, in this case the loss of 'love' (well represented in earlier songs such as 'Don't Bother Me' and 'Misery'), providing listeners with security yet challenging those inclined to acknowledge the standard treatment". [42], "Norwegian Wood" was released on Rubber Soul on 3 December 1965. [51] A reviewer for Rolling Stone magazine noted "Norwegian Wood" and "Think for Yourself" as documents of the Beatles' increasing awareness and creativity in the studio. [22] Rather than the Kinks or the Yardbirds, Harrison attributed his growing interest in Indian sounds to people mentioning the name of Indian sitarist Ravi Shankar to him, culminating in a discussion he had with David Crosby of the Byrds. Paul McCartney Many Years From Now, Barry Miles Norwegian Wood is a fake wood that was used to make cheap furniture. "[29], The Beatles recorded an early version of "Norwegian Wood" during the first day of sessions for their album Rubber Soul, on 12 October 1965. [36], On 21 October, the Beatles recorded three new takes, including the master. [15][a] "Norwegian Wood" was not the first Western pop song in which an Indian influence was evident: the raga-like drone was found in the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride",[18][19] as well as in the Kinks' song "See My Friends". At one moment in the studio he asked George Harrison to play a part of the melody on a sitar, which George began to be interested in. George learned how to play that piece, and the song was recorded as the first rock-band song with a sitar. Pepper, featuring himself as the only performing Beatle together with uncredited musicians playing dilruba, swarmandal and tabla, alongside a string section. [8] Since Lennon's death, however, McCartney has contended that Lennon brought the opening couplet to one of their joint songwriting sessions, and that they finished the song together, with the middle eight and the title (and the "fire") being among McCartney's contributions. [32] Titled "This Bird Has Flown", the song was extensively rehearsed by the group, who then taped the rhythm track in a single take,[32] featuring two 12-string acoustic guitars, bass, and a faint sound of cymbals. Many other rock and pop artists, including the Byrds, the Rolling Stones and Donovan, began integrating elements of the genre into their musical approach. Album Rubber Soul (1965) by The Beatles. It was written mainly by John Lennon and credited to the Lennon–McCartney songwriting partnership. The song also helped elevate Ravi Shankar and Indian classical music to mainstream popularity in the West. "Norwegian Wood" inspired Haruki Murakami to write a book with the same title. [52] Scott Plagenhoef of Pitchfork considers the song to be one of the most self-evident Lennon pieces on Rubber Soul to exemplify his maturity as a songwriter, and praises the composition as "an economical and ambiguous story-song highlighted by Harrison's first dabbling with the Indian sitar". In the morning and started to laugh This track wasn't the first one for The Beatles to feature a sitar: an instrumental medley of songs "A Hard Day's Night", "Can't Buy Me Love" and "I Should Have Known Better" performed on a sitar, tablas, flute and finger cymbals was included in the USA release of their album "Help!". Designed as a comedy number, this version exhibited a less folk-orientated sound, relative to the recording issued on Rubber Soul, instead highlighting laboured vocals and an unusual sitar conclusion. Written-By. The music was sublimely different. She asked me to stay Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise). [68] For the remainder of his career, he evolved his understanding of Indian musicianship, particularly in his slide guitar playing.[69]. He also said the song marked a pivotal moment in Lennon's use of surreal lyrics, following on from the songs "Ask Me Why" and "There's a Place". [63] Having added the sitar accompaniment to "Norwegian Wood", Harrison expanded upon his initial effort by writing "Love You To", which showcased his immersion in Indian music, and presented an authentic representation of a non-Western music form in a rock song. [72][73] In 1968, Alan Copeland won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Performance by a Chorus for a medley of "Norwegian Wood" and the theme from Mission: Impossible. Harrison added his sitar part, with the take emphasising the drone quality of the instrument more so than the remake that was eventually released. Paul McCartney said to Barry Miles about the origin of the song's title. Norwegian Wood Lyrics. [35] This discarded version of "Norwegian Wood" was first released on the 1996 compilation album Anthology 2. Sgt. But it didn't, it meant I burned the fucking place down as an act of revenge, and then we left it there and went into the instrumental. They'd come onto my turf, got there before me, and they were kings of it, overnight. Label Parlophone . [57][58] "Norwegian Wood" is also recognised as an important piece of what is typically called "world music", and it was a major step towards incorporating non-Western musical influences into Western popular music. Rolling Stone magazine ranked "Norwegian Wood" number 83 on its list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time". About Norwegian Wood lyrics. George Martin. We'd all been outflanked. "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1965 album Rubber Soul.

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