one tree hill cast

one tree hill cast

Carrie chases after him, but Jamie is able to hide from her. When Nathan is called up to the Charlotte Bobcats, he goes to the cemetery to leave his Bobcats jersey on Quentin's grave. Many years later, after Dan was shot and killed upon rescuing Nathan, Keith returned to praise Dan for learning to put family first, make amends with him, and they both go to the afterlife as he tells Dan he's his "plus one". 4 Episodes (2006-2008), Bethany Rooney She later tries to have Julian produce a movie she scripted (although she at first does not disclose that she wrote it) and butts head with Brooke who sees her as a potential rival for Julian's attention. After the four-year gap he lived with Mouth, Skills, Junk and, later, Millicent. She apparently flees town, but Quinn managed to track her down and plotted killing her, but backed out of it. His jersey #44 was retired by Tree Hill High (joining the #23 jersey of Nathan and #1 jersey for Coach Durham, but replacing the #33 jersey worn by Dan, whose number was un-retired after his murder conviction), and as a tribute to Quentin, the Ravens played with only four players the rest of the season. Felix Taggaro She begins a relationship with Nathan's agent Clay. Rodeo. Daytona Himself After "Clothes Over Bros" closes, she gets a job as a news reporter. In the years since OTH, Antwon has appeared in a number of films and TV shows, including Lucifer, The Rookie, and more. However, in the season seven finale she asked him if they could date again via a text message. RELATED: 10 Things One Tree Hill Did Better Than Gossip Girl (& Vice Versa). At the end of the episode, it turns out that he knew how to get out all along, but didn't say anything because he enjoyed hanging out with everyone again and says that no one really keeps in touch anymore. Since One Tree Hill ended, James has been working on his facial hair game among other things. After a fist fight at Haley's Thanksgiving dinner, they watch a video of Chase saying he does not want to be with either of them. Haley later finds her packing and despite her attempts to persuade Taylor to stay, Taylor leaves. She told her to go away, calling her a liar. Ted Davis Lucas is currently traveling with Peyton, Karen and Andy, while raising Sawyer and writing a new book. But later their partnership ends due to Deb's drug addiction and when she accidentally shoots a gun off in the customer filled cafe. Ferguson Thompson 4. Although Lucas and Nathan Scott are half brothers and teammates on the basketball team, they do not get along at all and Nathan picks on Lucas incessantly. She took the "job" to pay for hospital bills she had from being regularly beaten up by her boyfriend. 21 Episodes (2003-2008), Michaela McManus However, it is later revealed that he is only back to try and sell Brooke's new company Baker Man, rather than to check up on her and forge a relationship. John \"Junk\" Moretti 5. 1 Episode (2004), Evan Peters Haley James Scott She died at 25 years old, leaving her husband devastated. However, they are dating for a long time until Skills wants more with his job. She meets Skills at Jamie's first dance and they begin a relationship. Dan also makes amends with Deb and lastly, Nathan (in which Dan has a dream that he and Nathan play basketball just for fun for the first time ever) to which Nathan says that despite all the bad he did, he's still his father and forgives him and Dan dies moments later. People might not be aware that Sophia was at one point married to Chad Michael Murray. One Tree Hill season 4; Episode 16: "You Call it Madness, But I Call it Love", One Tree Hill season 7; Episode 7: "I and Love and You", One Tree Hill season 2; Episode 1: "The Desperate Kingdom of Love", One Tree Hill season 4; Episode 9: "Some You Give Away", "Hilarie Burton is 21 and living a fairy tale", "HILARIE BURTON. Dan is taken hostage by Carrie, Jamie's ex-nanny who planned to kidnap Jamie and set Dan up for it. During their senior year, just as Nathan is offered a scholarship to play for Duke University, Haley informs him that she is pregnant. He was also the inspiration for Mia's new song for her second album. He died when his car crashed after hitting Haley. He's also close to Nathan's family, his wife Haley James Scott and their son James Lucas Scott. As the season opens several months after his injuries, Nathan's depression is taking a serious toll on his family. She also jump-starts Millicent's modeling career by drugging another model, leaving Millie to take her spot. Her younger sister, Taylor, returns to Tree Hill with Quinn's former husband, causing a fight between the sisters. They are still dating, but Skills has stated he is not ready to take it to the next level and move in with her. Chad is now married to Sarah Roemer, and they have two kids together. Played by Kate Voegele from seasons five to eight, Mia Catalano was a member of Jason's band, she played the keyboard. His appearances slowly turned to comic-relief such as when he mistook a pair of female police officers for strippers at a party, insisting on them giving him a show even as they handcuffed him and put him in a police car. An answer was not given. Ian pretended to be Peyton's brother Derek in order to get close to her, but when she found out the truth about him he attempted to rape her and was stopped by Lucas and the real Derek. He tells her how their dad, Mick, never did the USO concert he promised to do. In the penultimate episode of season 9, Clay proposes to Quinn in Logan's tent, set up in the living room. Bevin Mirskey 9. His most recent gig was a guest-starring role on NCIS in 2020. Anna was presented as a romantic interest for Lucas; "[Schwahn] thought if she was strictly a lesbian character, that would be really out of nature for her, and a little disingenuous to lesbians", and they needed to hide what her journey was going to be. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Logan After being freaked out by Victoria she came back with the realization that music is about talking to people not money which wins Peyton over. Tyler Hilton was awarded the role for playing his song Glad with Mark Schwahn seeing that he was right for the part by the first chorus. He also helps his father study for his college course. She comes to Tree Hill in season 2, and stays in Nathan and Haley's apartment. In season 9 Brooke's attacker Xavier is let out of jail. In the final episode, in the time jump, Millicent and Mouth are expecting a baby and she is wearing a ring on her ring finger, meaning that she and Mouth are married. She appeared during seasons seven and eight in dreams, flashbacks and visions visiting Clay. When Julian refuses to be with her, she attempts suicide by slitting her wrists. Karen Roe 5 Episodes (2006-2008), Stuart Gillard Amanda Schull also played Clay's late wife, Sara Kay Evans. One Tree Hill soundtrack US List Price: $18.98 CD Friends with Benefit: Vol. A multi-talented woman, Bethany has as many careers as she has names, being an actress, singer, and a business owner. Robert Theodore "Ted" Davis Jr. portrayed by Richard Burgi is the father of Brooke Davis Baker and the husband of Victoria Davis. 135 Episodes (2003-2009), Jackson Brundage After Tara sends a note that says "Fry your burgers, not your babies!" [10] At the beginning of Season 6 she returned to inform Brooke that she is part owner of Clothes Over Bros and although Brooke protested, she informed her that designers come and go, but the CEO remains the same. One Tree Hill ran for an astounding nine years with 187 total episodes. Nathan overcomes all of his problems throughout the series and vows to never raise his child the way Dan raised him. He eventually left for rehab, leaving the bar in Chase's hands. Whilst at the film festival to promote the film she made with Julian, she begins to develop a crush on Chase, who had just broken up with Mia. However the two become stranded with no money, leading Chris to sell his guitar to pay the studio. [36], Portrayed by Daniella Alonso, Anna Taggaro appeared in eleven episodes of the second season. 1 Episode (2005), Jessica Landaw He and Nathan started on bad terms but later become close brothers. She then hires a new designer for the companies new men's line "Clothes 4 Bros" named Alexander Coyne. He attended the Prom by himself. 8 Episodes (2006-2011), John Asher The show began with nine main characters in its first season as the roles of Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, Haley James, Dan Scott, Karen Roe, Keith Scott, and Whitey Durham. Bethany has also starred in a number of Hallmark movies and released albums and EPs in the years since One Tree Hill. Mia then starts to slowly form a friendship with Alex. Instead she actually fell in love with Keith but left when Karen found out about Dan's plan and told her to leave Tree Hill or she would tell Keith the truth. He did not want anyone to know he was gay, so he made a sextape with Alex. "It's an interesting blend. May Later, Carrie wakes up on the ground and starts laughing at Dan, who's still standing there. —Voegele on singing her own songs on the show. Samantha "Sam" Walker is a troubled young girl who shoplifted a top from Clothes over Bros and had an altercation with Brooke. In her final episodes, Dan tells her it's as much her fault Keith died as his as he thought it was Keith who set fire to the car lot which is why he killed him, which again leaves Deb filled with guilt. In the final episode, Clay and Quinn get married and adopt Logan. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of One Tree Hill with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at 2 Episodes (2006-2008), Billy Dickson A one-stop shop for all things video games. She is introduced as Peyton Sawyer's best friend, but forms a close bond with Haley and Lucas (also her ex) who all help her evolve into a better person. He went back to both Haley's classes and the team and slowly started to change his attitude. She almost ruins her chances of working with Julian by making a move on him, but they later reconcile and begin to write a script for a movie. After being betrayed by Lucas and Peyton twice she loses her will to love and enter relationships. 83 Episodes (2006-2012), Austin Nichols She was cremated and her ashes were scattered by Haley, Quinn & Taylor. It also followed the brothers' various relationships with other female leads during their high-school years and in their early twenties. As the pressure became too much, she started using cocaine with her new modelling friends. In the season seven finale Alex ask him out for a date and kisses him just before he receive a text message from Mia wanting to get back together. Through its 9-year run, fans fell in love with the complicated crew as they navigated the ups and downs of high school, and even followed them as they flashed 4 years forward into adult life for the final 4 seasons. Brooke Davis is Jamie's godmother and they spend much of their time together, and Brooke always gives Jamie a check with "a lot of zeroes" each year on his birthday (it's Jamie's favorite present).

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