spanish american war map activity

spanish american war map activity

Born in Philadelphia, the son of painters Williams Russell Smith and Mary Priscilla Wilson, Smith was educated at home and was given drawing lessons as well. As a result of this short military engagement—ten weeks between April and August, 1898—Spain lost its status as an imperial power and the United States became one. 1898 Hawaiian Is. Large margins. The acquisition of an empire proved, however, a mixed blessing for the United States, for within six months the Americans were at war with their former allies, the Filipino insurgents. Names for both the American and Spanish ships are indicated. By the end of the year, the Filipino military had dissolved, but they kept fighting a guerrilla war against the U.S. troops. [Messman (Steward)-Dress; Second Class Petty Officer (Gunner's Mate) - Dress; Seaman (Port Watch) Service; Third Class Petty Officer (Master-at-Arms) Shore-duty Dress; Seaman (Starboard Watch) Jumper and Watch Cap; Enlisted Man (Seaman) Overcoat; Enlisted Man Rain Dress. In response to public and economic pressure, President William McKinley went to Congress to ask for authority to send American troops to Cuba to 'end the civil war.' S. G. Sebry. Elaborate they certainly were- the majority of their prints being bright and dramatic, with action throughout the image. Chromolithographs. On February 15, 1898, the American battleship USS Maine exploded in Havana harbor, sinking with a loss of 260 men. In this lesson, students will transfer/combine historical data from different sources to create a representative map, developing a deeper understanding of the connections between Tampa and Cuba and practicing their mapping skills. "Remember the Maine! Accessibility Statement, Hispanic Heritage of Florida Conference 2012, Institute for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean (ISLAC), Terms of use for work posted in Scholar Commons, HO1.Map of Naval Operations in the Atlantic 1898.docx, Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education Commons, Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching Commons, Latin American Languages and Societies Commons, Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education Commons. He accompanied his family on several trips to Europe. Images from a fine series of prints illustrating the history and the uniforms of the American Army and Navy, from the American Revolution to the Spanish American War. Minor water stains in sea and stains in sky from old slat backings. Help/FAQ; Contact us; Features. On Cuba, the Marines landed and established a base at Guantanamo Bay on June 10. Overview. The Spanish fleet was no match for the American five battleships and two armored cruisers. Prints by Kurz & Allison Chicago, 1898-99. Pairs of popular prints on the theme of a soldier heading off to war and then returning appeared in this country as early as the Mexican-American War. About | With both Spanish fleets incapacitated, isolating their land troops, Spain sued for peace. 22 x 42. Home Using the outlined area at the top of the page, color the title of the map (BE CREATIVE): Panama Canal (1914) 2. This guerilla war proved brutal and difficult, dragging on for three years until it was officially declared over in July 1902. Very good condition, except as noted. "First Hoisting of the Stars and Stripes by the Marines on Cuban Soil - June 11th, 1898. By H.A. As a result of the Spanish American War – The U.S. gained possession of Philippines 3. With portraits of American and Spanish captains in the bottom margin. Label the following: C. Pacific Ocean . The war was fought both in the Pacific and Caribbean. Inactive from 1908 to 1915, she then returned to service in time for World War I, and thereafter spent most of her time in the Pacific. Latin American Languages and Societies Commons, "The Destruction of Cervera's Fleet at Santiago de Cuba July 3rd 1898." Philadelphia, PA 19118 USA $600. The Chicago firm of Kurz & Allison is well known for its production of commemorative prints of American historical scenes. $350, To Contact us, call, write, fax or e-mail to: United States was worried of this fleet raiding the North American coast or endangering the American invasion forces bound for Cuba. > HIGH ], "Uniforms - 1899." Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education Commons, ]. Founded in 1885, the firm's avowed purpose was to design "for large scale establishments of all kinds, and in originating and placing on the market artistic and fancy prints of the most elaborate workmanship." Congress declared Cuba "free and independent," demanded Spanish withdrawal, and authorized the use of American force towards that end; on April 25, Congress declared war on Spain. ", "Naval Battle of Manila - May 1st, 1898. Why? In the German map pictured below, … With an inset of Capt. In this lesson, students will transfer/combine historical data from different sources to create a representative map, developing a deeper understanding of the connections between Tampa and Cuba and practicing their mapping skills. Philadelphia, Joseph Hoover and Son, 1898. Under the Command of Maj. General Williams Shafter, 15,000 American soldiers landed near Santiago and fought the Battles of El Caney and San Juan Hill. The campaign was a huge triumph for the modern United States Navy. Create map View maps. Use the Map What lands did the U.S. gain following the Spanish-American War? This print is after the renowned maritime painter Xanthus Rusell Smith. Chromolithograph. Smith studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and served in the US Navy in the Civil War during the blockade of Charleston Harbor. This pair appeared at the end of the Philippine-American War. Spanish American War: Map Activity. Search Locations; Draw on Maps; Measure Distance/Area; Analysis; Share and Collobrate; For Developers. This print was originally issued in two editions. Ogden. Decommissioned in March 1921, Brooklyn was sold late in that year. Create Map. [Lieutenant-Service (Shore Duty); Lieutenant Commander Overcoat; Captain-Full Dress; Commander-Service; Ensign-Service; Naval Cadet Full Dress. > College of Arts and Sciences Each print captures in detail the various types of uniforms worn by each service and by rank. While their Civil War prints are probably the most famous, their images of the Spanish American war were issued contemporaneously with the events, part of public fascination with this "splendid little war.". A very dramatic and stirring view of the battle. The text and the illustrations may not be reused without prior authorization. PanamaCanal(Map(Activity Directions: 1. Color and label the following: A. Philippines B. Guam 4. This print, designed as a panorama to show the scope of the engagement, was issued not long after the battle. (215) 242-4750 [Phone] -- (215) 242-6977 [Fax], All text and illustrations are copyrighted by The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd. FAQ | ASIA China Japan Philippine Is. While there, he sketched many ships. This print is the latter edition. (This lesson plan is designed for two days or can be used for a block schedule). A copy of the advertisement for the print accompanies this print. Spanish American War Document Analysis TimelineThis activity features 10 primary sources from the Spanish American War that students analyze using questions organized onto a timeline. Use the dotted area provided to label the following … Terms of use for work posted in Scholar Commons. Remember the Maine. After 1898, Brooklyn's tours of duty included cruises to European and Asiatic waters, as well as operating closer to home. > Hispanic Heritage of Florida Conference 2012 Chromolithograph. Then, despite a failed plan to block Santiago Harbor, poor Spanish strategy led to the defeat of the Spanish fleet and American control of the waters around Cuba. Tensions mounted between the Filipinos and the Americans, and war started in February (called by the Americans the "Philippine Insurgency"). The proximity of Tampa and Key West, Florida to the island of Cuba, and how their geographic locations played a major part in the Spanish American War. "The Naval Battle of Santiago." Hostilities were halted on August 12, and the Treaty of Paris was signed on December 10. With a photocopy of original advertisement for the print. Otherwise, very good condition. To hell with Spain!" Boston: James Drummond Ball, 1898. By H.A. Ogden. The scene shows the USS Brooklyn and other ships destroying the inferior Spanish ships in the battle of Santiago.

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