the crack in the golden bowl

the crack in the golden bowl

James discovered the well-known and, so to speak, actual prototype of the bowl during a 1902 visit to Lamb House in Sussex: an authentic golden bowl given as a christening gift by King George I to a newborn child of the Lambs; as Leon Edel puts it, “King George’s bowl… became a symbol for the theme of the novel which [James] had begun early in 1903” Henry James, Vol. Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2011. The notion of bêtise, with its connotation not just of stupidity but of the bestial, forms a telling pair with the name Fawns: Together they describe the emergence of the primitive amidst the modern, of the faunic amidst the human; and they portend the recrudescence of voracity amidst restraint. 10, 1974, 413-427). 2. When we read a masterwork, Bloom argues, we go “from strangeness to strangeness” (3). . An unknown error has occurred. “Our visitors,” writes James, “found themselves introduced, by the operation of close contiguity, to a group of ladies and gentleman older and younger, and of children larger and smaller, who mostly affected them as scarce less anointed for hospitality and who produced at first the impression of a birthday party, or some anniversary gregariously and religiously kept, though they subsequently fell into their places as members of one quiet domestic circle, preponderantly and directly indebted for their being in fact to Mr Gutermann-Seuss” (190). Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2020. In renewing his former interest, then, the Prince has in effect taken a cue from his wife-to-be. 4 209). New York: Penguin, 1990. Judaism thus occupies a special, an unobvious but nearly central, position in this novel about the decadence of Christendom at the close of the nineteenth century – it provides the source of morality and the model of stability. That is when Fanny Assingham, who has abetted the adulterous transgression (and not altogether unwittingly), learns that the Princess, formerly Miss Maggie Verver, at last knows that her husband and Charlotte Stant (a childhood friend now, by odd happenstance, Maggie’s step-mother) have in secret consummated a romantic involvement, which they recklessly and destructively sustain. Henry James and the Jacobites. Henry James’s Sublime Economy: Money as Symbolic Center in the Fiction. One ought note as well the co-presence at Matcham of Lady Castledean, who, like the Prince and Charlotte, carries on an adulterous affair. The announcement of impending marital union thus occurs almost simultaneously with the announcement of war. The “currents of the market” (143) operate according to mimesis, and thus establish the pervasive mimetic background for the novel’s action.

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