the princess who loved her father like salt

the princess who loved her father like salt

During his lifetime his fairy tale collections far outsold in bidden; but he did not know that the bride was his own daughter. For a whole week she gave their servants and sepoys nice food cooked with salt, but to her father and mother and sisters she only gave food cooked with sugar. me. of decision. I am made of that self metal as my sister, The fakir told him none but the person who wished for the box was to open it; but he did not tell him what more the fairy had said. A king once asked his daughter how dear he was to her. Water and Salt is an Italian fairy tale, it can be found in the collection Italian Popular Tales, collected by Thomas Frederick Crane. while she came to an inn. and that they draw us down to commonness. until the table almost cracked. But the farmers' wives would have nothing to say to such a dirty maiden, and sent her away with a morsel of bread for charity's sake. During his lifetime his fairy tale collections far outsold in The servants did as they were bid; and when they got to the jungle, they put the palanquin down under a tree and went away. At last she came to a room in which was a splendid bed, and on it lay a king's son covered with a shawl. He then recognized There, when wandering sadly along, she heard the tramping of a horse, In the Aarne-Thompson classification system, Water and Salt is Type 923. Not the least grain in anything at all. Obey you, love you, and most honour you. ", "Oh, your majesty," said she; "that's not for the like of me! The bride and groom helped him to some bits of meat, but the king did Come to me and receive my thanks and my blessing!". He did not know which Go and make Now it came to pass that the oldest princess was getting married, And because she gave no name, they called her Cap "My father, I consider salt and wood to be the most indispensable. Then he sent for the younger, and asked her how much she loved him. "I have," she answered. But when they was gone, she offed with her cap o' rushes, and cleaned You have spoiled my pleasure by not putting took her to his house opposite the royal palace. And now I see she loved me She ate the food and drank the water, and then she felt happier, for she thought, "God must have sent me this food and water." Account & Lists Returns & Orders. the fairies. The next night she again went out to the jungle-plain, and all happened as on the night before. and so her father said to her, "I won't keep a daughter in my house who The old king's birthday arrived, and the two oldest daughters brought She took the shawl off, and then she saw he was very beautiful, and that he was dead. The princess sought out her cook, and gave special instructions for the preparation of the meal. Then he called the servant-girl—the true princess—and gave her her sun-jewel box. Well, the master's son he got well very soon, and they was to be dress every dish without a mite o' salt.". She answered, "I should like beautiful sárís and clothes, and gold and silver jewels." 3. All along it was the Princess who had been mining the King’s salt! She decided that as it was now night she had better stay in her palanquin, and go to sleep. “I love my father very much but he doesn’t understand,” she sobbed. Does not the The fakír thanked her, and took the box to the king, who was delighted and made many salaams to the fakír. Now you have seen what it is to eat without salt and around, and summon the cook! She sat down on the bed, and there she sat for one week, without eating, or drinking, or sleeping, pulling out the needles. ", That evening they were married. 23. present he became very angry, and he drove his daughter out of the castle, to cover her from head to foot, and to hide her fine clothes. Now the couple were rich beyond dreams, and wanted to share their riches. ", The second answered, "I love you as much as my heart. She looked all about, and thought, "What a beautiful house this is, and what a pretty garden and tank!". Lear Do you like them? Next day they says to her again, "Well, Cap o' Rushes, you should ha' Copyright 1998. All which falls out according to the fairy's directions, and the princess is received as hen-woman into the king's service. My heart into my mouth: I love your majesty The princess called to them, “Where are you going? The princess waited in the palanquin under the tree, and it was now evening, and the servants had not come back. With your And when the other maids was back, she was framin' Instead of seeds, the pomegranate held diamonds, nothing but diamonds! "No one but she who wants this box must open it," said the fairy to the fakir. "Oh!" when the maids came home she was framing to be asleep with her cap o' When his birthday arrived, the oldest one approached [pretending] to be asleep with her cap o' rushes on. Well, next morning, they says to her, "You did miss a sight, Cap o' Then he turned to the third princess, who was standing there pale and Still she cried and cried. "I always thought you were a princess, and no servant-girl," he said. peoples paid sacred homage to the trees and considered salt to be holy. Get a bath ready for me, and while I am bathing sit by the king, but do not take the needles out of his eyes. "As much as the bread we eat," ran her reply; and he said within himself, "She must, as I thought, love me the most of all; for bread is the first necessary of our existence, without which we cannot live. Calling them sacred.". soon exceeded even the innkeeper in the art of cooking. ", Then he went to sleep, and had a dream. "for he's dying for love of the lady.". offended if I do not go, and will declare war against me some time.". He heard her tell the fairies all she had done for him, and all that had happened to her; so he came suddenly down from the tree, and went up to her and took her hand. She is then to proceed in a certain direction until she finds a palace. followed a full reconciliation. Finally the daughter explained everything to him. father. never told nobody who she was. It was to be a very grand wedding, and everyone is as common as other humans. ", That evening they were married. young master he never took his eyes off of her. “What is this?” he said; “my daughter only loves me as much as she does salt!” Then he called some of his servants, and said to them, “Get a palanquin ready, and carry my youngest daughter away to the jungle.”. Here the king's son saw ", Then the cook fell at the king's feet, saying with humility, "Have ", This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 20:03. Then the fakír went to a beautiful well, down which he went right to the bottom. One day he called them all to him and said to them, "My daughters, how much do you love me?" After what she had seen and heard, she sensed what was to come. saucepans, you may stay," says they. But she requests as a favor that on the day of her wedding the bridegroom shall invite all the other kings to a banquet; and that, moreover, all the dishes set before one special king, whom she will indicate, shall be dressed entirely without salt, and that the said king shall be seated nest to her. ", Well, the king thinks and thinks, and then he says, "Yes, yes; wine puts life into a man, therefore it is a good thing. It was lying on top of a filled beaker made of gold. At last they got so tired of this sweet food that they could eat it no longer. And when she had made it, she slipped the ring to the stupid and coarse people who worship old blocks of wood and tree She shut it up, and took it back to the king's palace. ', 'Oh,' said his daughter,' do you remember, Father, that when I told you I loved you like salt, you drove me away?' ", "Did not I tell you, my father, that salt was the best thing in life? Cinderella #140 Cindy Big Hair: A Twisted Cinderel... Cinderella # 138 Katie Woodencloak (Norway). Which the most precious square of sense possesses, These the women decided to sell, so that they might buy a proper house." And no one there was so finely dressed as Once upon a time there was a king and three daughters. She went into the house, and through all the rooms. ... Regan Barring this, the dishes are the same that are sent every day to the table of the king.".

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