the trip netflix

the trip netflix

If you’re heading on a road trip with either your family or a large pig, Mr. It’s future television baby.”, Clancy’s tête-à-têtes cover everything from magic (with the West Memphis Three’s Damien Echols) to the “death-industrial complex” (with Caitlin Doughty). Looks like Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira won’t be re-teaming for Americanah at HBO Max after all. “Why me?” Brydon asks. Over the course of eight euphorically insane episodes, this rollicking odyssey tells the story of Clancy, a pink-skinned young man in a hallucinatory alternate dimension known as “The Chromatic Ribbon” who uses a Universe Simulator to visit dying worlds, where he engages in virtual conversations that he then broadcasts throughout the cosmos via his popular “spacecast.” It’s a psychedelic romp through far-out worlds and farther-out discussions about health, happiness, grief, mortality, drugs and other heady topics, the catch being that these chats have been taken from Trussell’s real-world podcast, and given outrageous new fictional contexts. Courtesy of Netflix From the minds of “Adventure Time” creator Pendleton Ward and podcaster Duncan Trussell comes this fantastically beautiful head-trip of a show. Director Michael Winterbottom spends much of the time focusing on gorgeous panorama shots of the misty moors of north England, between close-up shots of dishes sizzling in the pan. There’s an uninhibited verve to its on-screen action that’s in complete, if bizarre, harmony with its winding dialogues, the latter of which are punctuated by Trussell’s gift for uproariously unexpected comedic insights. Bringing you that one movie, show, book and album that you need to consume. This movie comes the closest to “the great American road trip” of any that you’ll find on this list, but that’s far from the only reason that you’ll love it. It’s like, holy shit, that guy made Adventure Time, one of the greatest animated series ever, and he’s listening to me? For Ward, however, the underlying criteria for fashioning loopy sci-fi contexts for Trussell’s podcasts was simple. “When I got an email from Pendleton, whom I’d never met, saying he listened to the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast, it was really wild, man. Duncan interviews meditation teachers and philosophers and sweet people who practice kindness, and because he's a comedian he makes listening and learning about that stuff really funny.”, For Trussell, the opportunity to collaborate with Ward was a no-brainer. Once you hear that, you’re forever changed; you live in a completely different dimension than you lived in before.”, Ward reveals that it was Trussell’s long-form audio chats that inspired him to return to TV animation following the stratospheric success of Adventure Time. So I think if you were going to make a bioorganic machine that simulates the universe, I think it would make more sense for that thing to look like a vagina than look like a dick.”, “A lot of people are like, man, it looks like a pussy. It is, to be honest, a lot to take in, and Ward admits that finding the right balance between the two took some time. The Road Within finds three unlikely friends on the road together. We’re existing in a beautiful creative space that gives birth to stars, trees, squirrels, people and all the other things that we’ll never see or smell or touch or hear. Disney+ has announced the cast for its upcoming LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special— and includes a slew of familiar favorites! Is transcendence the only way to save humanity on ‘The 100’? © 2020 Condé Nast. If you give The Road Within a shot, we promise you’ll get something out of it too! The Fundamentals of Caring tells the story of a teenage boy with muscular dystrophy travelling across America with his caregiver in the hopes of achieving one of his dreams. You’ll be glued to your screen as Buddies tells the story of three young adults with Down syndrome who hit the open road in hopes of fulfilling their dreams. Check out these six great road trip movies on Netflix before buckling in for your next big adventure. And if you like it, there’s a sequel on Netflix called The Trip to Italy, which is the same thing but, well, set in Italy. Over the Moon, Netflix's latest animated feature, is full of heart and warmly directed by animation legend Glen Keane. Everybody get nuts,” suggests Ward. Take, for example, the sixth episode, when Clancy has an epiphany about the true purpose of meditation—namely, that “It’s not like you’re supposed to shove some kind of butt plug in the asshole of your mind.”, Trussell’s perfectly absurd metaphor comes midway through his encounter with long-time meditation teacher David, whom the comedian has nothing but praise for. It’s not a concept that should work, but The Trip, starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, is a surprisingly poignant and quite funny movie about growing old, struggling at your career, and navigating male friendships. In The Trip, Coogan and Brydon play mid-forties comedians who never really made it, which is to say, they play slightly fictionalized versions of themselves. I’m so proud to have been a part of its making. Whoa! Join this reluctant father-daughter duo as they travel from Southern California to Mexico to find a home for the hog. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Even if you’re not heading anywhere anytime soon, so many of the best coming-of-age stories happen on the road, so these movies are still more than worth the watch. “To me, it’s one of the most mystical things, to see that the team of animators, who’ve never met my mother, and just from hearing her voice and seeing images of her, somehow transformed that into her spirit. It’s as weirdly original as it is profound—and unlike anything you’ve seen before. You’ll hear about four thousand different impressions. For Ward, it’s the undeniable highlight of the series. While the road trip may be for Vincent, Marie and Alex get just as much out of the memorable and once-in-a-lifetime experience. And over the years, we became friends.” When Ward reached out to discuss a possible partnership on the project that would become The Midnight Gospel, “my heart leapt in my chest, because I didn’t have any kind of idea that one day this podcast is going to be a psychedelic cartoon. Watch Now: There’s a Ken Doll for Everyone Now “The beginning of production was a mad dash to refine the formula…of how much story to how much podcast conversation to how much action…finding places to rest…I wanted people to surf between the visuals and the conversation. Starring the amazing Danny Glover, Maya Rudolph, and an actual pig, Mr. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. The sheer volume of films on Netflix — and the site’s less than ideal interface — can make finding a genuinely great movie there a difficult task. While the pair have an important destination in mind, their chemistry will leave you hoping that their journey could last forever. Check out these six great road trip movies on Netflix before buckling in for your next big adventure. From award-winning writing and photography to binge-ready videos to electric live events, GQ meets millions of modern men where they live, creating the moments that create conversations. ‘His Dark Materials’ season 2 trailer teases danger up ahead for Lyra and Will, ‘This Is Us’ season 5 trailer teases more tear-jerking moments to come, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira no longer teaming for ‘Americanah’ adaptation, ‘LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special’ at Disney+ reveals voice cast, Disney drops exciting new trailer for Pixar’s ‘Soul’, Amazon orders ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ series, A ‘Dexter’ revival is coming down the pipeline at Showtime, Adam McKay’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ adds DiCaprio, Streep, more, ‘The Flash’ season 7 release dates, trailers, episode guide, and more, ‘Supernatural’ season 15, episode 15 screener secrets: We’re ‘Highway to Heaven’-ing this bitch. Trussell, who contributed voice work on Adventure Time but is best known for The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast, concurs, stating that “there’s a magic in podcasting that you can’t quite capture if you’re stuck with 8 minutes in-between commercials. “Pendleton is one of the most wonderful humans I’ve ever crossed paths with. We found six that are currently streaming on Netflix that we think you’ll love! This week on Supernatural, Amara returns and are angels solving people crimes now? Ad Choices, The Trip Is the Funniest Sad Movie on Netflix. It doesn’t sound like a huge problem, until you throw in the fact that they’re all patients at a treatment center for psychological disorders, and they’re being pursued by parents and doctors alike! That’s the film. “Every time I listen to that episode I reflect and learn something new about myself that helps me so much. Now I have one ball and no dad and no mom, because I got testicular cancer and my mom got breast cancer and my dad got COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease] and passed away. “That’s Duncan’s birthday! You’ll cry. Hypable previewed Supernatural season 15, episode 15 “Gimme Shelter,” so read on to find out more. “It’s like a conversation you’d hear between someone who’s a very, very, very, very, very, very low-level person at a Shaolin temple, and a very high-level Shaolin teacher. I don’t understand it. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World asks what would happen if humanity knew that its days were seriously numbered. “I’ve asked other people, but they’re all too busy.” This sets up the dynamic of the trip: Coogan is an arrogant, jealous, and intensely competitive actor who can’t believe he isn’t a star. It’s the perfect film to watch in the background during a lazy four-day weekend. That’s where I’m at in my spiritual practice; I can barely get my ass to sit still for five minutes straight, and David has this great patience,” Trussell chuckles. !’”, Fit for less-than-sober minds, The Midnight Gospel follows Clancy (voiced by Trussell) as he journeys to a variety of gonzo lands, beginning with an Earth overrun by zombies, which are combatted by the President of the United States—who, in this reality, is voiced by Dr. Drew Pinsky. You’ll laugh. This Is Us season 5 is just around the corner, and if the newest trailer is anything to go by, you’ll definitely want to keep the tissues on standby! Bring Vincent’s mother’s ashes to the ocean. The two comedians riff off each other brilliantly, and also don’t worry about being hilarious all the time. Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts make a perfect pair in this movie, and the chemistry only gets better when Selena Gomez joins the mix. In those encounters with truth, and not just those encounters, but every time I do an interview with someone who opens up to me, I have found that the world, in every single phase that it comes to you, has beauty in it.

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