vidkun quisling

vidkun quisling

Balanced and gentle to a fault, they believed he cared deeply about his people and maintained high moral standards throughout. [135] The court process was judged to be "a model of fairness" in a commentary by author Maynard Cohen. Finally, he was accused of Gunnar Eilifsen's murder. Privately, Quisling had long accepted that National Socialism would be defeated. Erudite speeches by both Bergh and Quisling himself could not change the outcome and when the verdict was announced on 10 September, Quisling was convicted of all but a handful of minor charges. "[155] The document was also notable for its attack on the materialism of National Socialism and its rejection of the racism and anti-Semitism to which he had previously subscribed. [55] Support for Quisling from right-wing elements in Norwegian society rocketed overnight, and 153 distinguished signatories called for Quisling's claims to be investigated. [125] The period was also marked by increasing civilian casualties from Allied air raids, and mounting resistance to the government within occupied Norway. [2], The family name derives from Quislinus, a Latinised name invented by the ancestor Lauritz Ibsen Quislin (1634–1703), based on the village of Kvislemark in Jutland, Denmark, from whence he had emigrated. Immediately after the meeting on 14 December, Hitler ordered his staff to draw up preparations for an invasion of Norway. [122] Nevertheless, the Germans exerted increasing control over law and order in Norway. In his first speech, Quisling committed the government to closer ties with Germany. Quisling was tried for high treason and executed by firing squad after the war. [62], After the underwhelming election results, Quisling's attitude to negotiation and compromise hardened. [31] He was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for his services to Britain,[31] an honour revoked by King George VI in 1940. [49], In mid-1932 Nordisk folkereisning i Norge was forced to confirm that although Quisling remained in the cabinet, he would not become a member of the party. [85][86] He still lacked legitimacy. Hitler's suicide on 30 April 1945 left him free to pursue publicly his chosen end-game, a naïve offer of a transition to a power-sharing government with the government-in-exile. [66] Part of this was due to his hardening anti-Semitic stance, associating Judaism with Marxism, liberalism and, increasingly, anything else he found objectionable, and part as a result of Nasjonal Samling's growing similarity to the German Nazi Party. In September 1919, Quisling departed Norway to become an intelligence officer with the Norwegian delegation in Helsinki, a post that combined diplomacy and politics. His attempted indictment of bishop Eivind Berggrav proved similarly controversial, even amongst his German allies. When Germany invaded Norway on April 9, 1940, Quisling became the first person in history to announce a coup during a news broadcast, declaring an ad-hoc government during the confusion of the invasion, hoping that the Germans would support it. The option of a "Danish solution"—welcoming the invaders in order to avoid conflict—was still on the table. From that point on, wrote biographer Dahl, Quisling had to tread a "fine line between truth and falsehood," and emerged from it "an elusive and often pitiful figure.

Despite the ready availability of junior officers in the reserve following defence cuts, only seven units were established in 1934, and funding restrictions meant that the enterprise included less than a thousand men before it faded away. Nonetheless, Quisling would still receive funds to bolster Nasjonal Samling. [102] In the process, he also toughened his attitude to the country harbouring the king-in-exile, Britain, which he no longer saw as a Nordic ally. In the coming months, tens of thousands of Norwegians followed suit and Quisling's summer was full of speeches to packed political rallies. Quisling also mused on how Germany ought to go on the offensive against its then-ally the Soviet Union, and on 9 December travelled to Germany to present his multi-faceted plans. [32] By this time, Quisling had also collected the Romanian Crown Order and the Yugoslav Order of St Sava for his earlier humanitarian efforts. On 1 May, the German High Command noted that "organised resistance to Quisling has started" and Norway's peace talks with Germany stalled as a result.

Hansteen's execution was later seen as a watershed moment, dividing the occupation into its more innocent and more deadly phases. [146] The term was coined by the British newspaper The Times in its lead of 15 April 1940, titled "Quislings everywhere". [95] Quisling remained there until 20 August, with Rosenberg and Admiral Erich Raeder, whom he had met on his earlier visit to Berlin, negotiated on his behalf. [85] With German support, at approximately 19:30, Quisling entered the NRK studios in Oslo and proclaimed the formation of a new government with himself as Prime Minister. [121], Quisling tired during the final years of the war. Heinrich Himmler visited Norway in 1941. Vidkun Quisling stayed in power until he was arrested May 9, 1945, in a mansion on Bygdøy in Oslo that he called Gimle after the place in Norse mythology where the survivors of Ragnarok were to live. In April 1943, Quisling delivered a scathing speech attacking Germany's refusal to outline its plans for post-war Europe.

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